East West Birding Tours
Upper Texas Coast
Spring Migration Tour, April 2-6 2016

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This awesome tour was a private, small-group endeavor in part to help boost 2016 Big Year birder John Weigel's species total by soaking up north-bound migrants as they arrived on the Upper Texas Coast en masse. It was also primetime breeding for waders and other resident species, of which we also found many! Each day was productive and diverse (see Full Results PDF above), including at least two true "fallouts" when 10-15 birds could be found in a single tree! Some hotspots we birded include: Boy Scout Woods, Bolivar Flats Shorebird Sanctuary, Sabine Woods, Smith Oaks, Anahuac NWR, and W.G. Jones State Forest. We finished our 5-Day tour with a grand total of
                                                       189 Species!!!
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Images by John Weigel, all rights reserved