Roseate Spoonbills, Blue Grosbeak, Hooded Warbler, American Avocets and Black Skimmer, Blue-headed Vireo, Great Crested Flycatcher, American Bittern, and Fulvous Whistling-Duck.
Images by John Weigel during 2016 Tour
                             "Everything's Bigger in Texas" -- Including Spring Migration!!!  
                                          Experience Northbound Migration at its Peak
                       on the famous Upper Texas Coast! Available from 5-20 April
Just the words "High Island" conjure up stories of spring "fallouts" on the upper Texas coast. After making the perilous crossing of the Gulf of Mexico, millions of neotropical migrants descend to rest, refuel, and continue northward to their breeding grounds. When flying conditions are particularly difficult, such as frontal systems with strong north winds, a divere array of exhausted, hungry birds may be found in high numbers in very concentrated areas. Even a "regular" day in spring migration promises lots of colorful surprises in the trees, nesting waders in the marshes, and much more.
                 Don't let another year go by without a chance to see a Texas Fallout!!!
                                                       RATE: $1399/person**
Includes round-trip van transportation from the Houston Airport, 5 hotel nights*, and guided field trips to hotspots including Boy Scout Woods, Anahuac NWR, Sabine Woods, Smith Oaks, Bolivar Flats Shorebird Sanctuary, and W.G. Jones State Forest.
     * Based on DOUBLE OCCUPANCY -- perfect for couples, pairs of
         traveling birding buddies, and making new friends!
   **  $1299/person if you only use van transportation to/from hotels 
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